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Major Nova Scotia Metro Areas

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Halifax / Dartmouth Area  

Nova Scotia Quick Statistics
Population: 942,500
Largest Nova Scotia Cities:
Halifax: 119,300
Dartmouth: 65,741
Sydney: 24,000
Others: Bedford


Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia’s geographic location allows its residents to enjoy mild-temperate conditions. Being almost completely surrounded by water, the extremes of the region’s continental climate are moderated by the constant temperature of the Atlantic Ocean. With a population size exceeding 940,000, Nova Scotia is the most populous province in Atlantic Canada. Even with its small population, Nova Scotia’s music, art, and culture are still flourishing with the influence of the province’s “founding cultures.”  The annual economic growth is forecast at 1.7%, and energy-related investments are consistently generating more and more employment opportunities. In recent years, there has been more people working within the city limits of Halifax than ever before. The province is expecting to have a growth of in single-detached home developments as well as significant growths in multi-residential segments. Nova Scotia’s real estate market offers several options for those looking to make a real estate investment. Containing thousand of listed homes for sale, the average home sales price is about $194,000.

Halifax is one of the three major urban areas of within Metropolitan Halifax with the other two cities being Dartmouth and Bedford. Halifax a regional municipality that covers a large area of the Province of Nova Scotia. The Halifax Metropolitan area is the most populous urban region in Atlantic Canada. The concentrated urban center is located on the Halifax Peninsula, and the suburban communities spreads beyond Mainland Halifax. Halifax is expecting to have significant increases in new developments of single-detached houses as well as multi-residential segments. Existing home sales in Halifax have consistently been rising over recent years. Halifax is expecting to see a continual rise in average home prices reaching about $250,000 in 2011, so now is a great time to search for a real estate property in Halifax.

Nova Scotia Real Estate Market Snapshot:

Nova Scotia Real Estate Market:
Households: 376,830
Single Detached Houses: 253,730
Average Nova Scotia Home Sales Price: $194,000

Halifax, N.S. Real Estate Market (2010)
Home Listings - New Listings: 10,700
Home Listings - Sales: 6,200
Single Detached: 1,000
Average Halifax House Price: $254,000
Average Single Detached Price: $339,000
Median Single Detached Price: $315,000


Average Income by level of Education (Nova Scotia):
University Bachelor’s Degree: $43,400
Median Total Income (2008): $61,980

Average Income by Level of Education (Halifax--N.S.):
Below Bachelor’s Degree: $29,500
University Bachelor’s Degree: $35,000
Above Bachelors Degree: $62,900


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